Why is there a Tip Jar in Denied?

To allow more people to use Denied, I’ve decided to try something new. Instead of charing upfront, the app is now free to use. The included Tip Jar allows people who enjoy using Denied to show their support. This also enables existing customers to pitch in again.

This puts a lot of trust in you, my customer. I rely on your generosity to generate enough revenue to continue working on my software. It’s a little scary, I have to say.

That said, I’m very excited about lowering the bar to use my apps. There’s nothing stopping you anymore from recommending Denied to others and for them to install it on their Macs.

If you’ve purchased Denied before, that’s marvelous. Your support has kept me working on Denied since 2014! I’m hoping you’re with me for this next chapter. 🤟



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