Why can't Porthole find my AirPlay device?

Make sure your AirPlay device is on the same network and that the device is powered on and connected.

If you’ve checked the above, the issue is usually easily fixed by restarting the AirPlay device and router, if that didn’t help restart Porthole and finally your Mac. If the problem persists, read on.

Also check any firewalls and allow Porthole to connect to your AirPlay device. Open your System Preferences, goto Security and look at the screenshots below for working setups. You might have to click the padlock to make changes.

Check Firewall settings

Firewall disabled. Obviously the easiest setup; all apps are allowed incoming connections. Make sure you’re comfortable with this setting.

Whitelist certain apps in your Firewall

Whitelist certain apps. Enable your firewall and whitelist certain apps. Add Porthole to the list to fix connection problems.



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